AI-powered security design reviews.

High-quality design reviews with less effort.

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Auto-generated questions.

Remy generates questions and feedback for you to send to the design authors. Leveraging LLMs, Remy provides targeted insights into the specific risks of each design.

Remy suggests.
You make the calls.

Edit, regenerate or audit suggestions before sending them. Remy is built to empower, not to replace.


Token Rotations


Are you planning to rotate the Slack API access token? What will the token lifetimes be?


Acme's policy is 3 months for all external API access tokens.

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Full coverage in every review.

With Remy, you won't need to worry about missing anything in your reviews. Remy enumerates a wide breadth of possible risks and ranks them for your consideration.

Stay on top of
engineering plans.

Remy ensures no risky plans slip past the security team. By integrating with your issue trackers and documents, Remy surfaces each design plan with actionable summaries and risk ratings.




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