Security design reviews are essential in the software development lifecycle as they minimize the likelihood of exploits and reduce the cost of remediation later on. However, many security teams are understaffed and have trouble effectively conducting these reviews. With a ton of other security work to address, security reviews are often delayed, and delays impede with feature releases, sour relationships with engineers, and worsen the company’s ability to meaningfully secure their product.

Remy is built to help security teams stay on top of their efforts and succeed in imbuing a proactive security culture within their company.

Auto-generated questions.

Remy leverages GPT-4 to generate questions and feedback to send to your partners. Each one is custom-made for the design document at hand.

We're confident in our analysis, but you make the calls.

Full coverage
in every review.

Remy scans the design docs for every eventuality, every time and only bothers you when there's a relevant risk.

Stay on top of
engineering plans.

Whether you call them RFCs, ERDs, FRDs, or something else, Remy will find them for you and let you know whether they're worth reviewing.

Faster reviews
than ever before.

Remy will let you conquer your review backlog, once and for all.


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